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There Are No Houses for Sale in My Area

No Houses for Sale in Your Area?


There Are No Houses for Sale in My Area!

The BC Southern Interior has a major problem, and there’s no way to sugar-coat it. The four-season resort community is considered by most everyone as the BEST place to live in the entire province. Even worse, is that experts recently stated that our towns are now rated the best for real estate investment. This is all very devastating.

Wait, what?

Isn’t this all GOOD news? Sure, but when you consider the impact of being one of the most attractive places to buy a home in the country, you’ll find that there is one side effect that new buyers abhor – limited inventory of houses. This is the predicament that you find yourself in. It’s why you jumped online, and instead of asking a question, you literally typed “There are no houses for sale in my area” into your search bar (sans an exclamation so as to not anger Google).

Thankfully you did, because we feel your pain. In fact, your exact statement is what has brought other clients into our Main Street Penticton office over recent years.

We have the answer you’re looking for.

Will we magically make new construction houses appear out of thin air? Imagine that (super lucrative). Unfortunately we do not have the power to make that happen. What we do have, is the ability to immediately increase YOUR buying power. In doing so, you can afford a property that you didn’t think that you were able to. How is this possible? Let’s review!

How Carloni Mortgage Brokers Can Help New Buyers Find a Home Despite Seemingly Limited Inventory

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