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Mortgage News and Helpful Tips for Home Buyers

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update – December 2022 The Canadian Prime Rate Train Stays on Track to Conclude 2022 The featured image above (and caption) tells you what you need to know – the recent series of Bank of Canada prime rate hikes remain on track

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update – Autumn 2022 Last week (October 26) the Bank of Canada (BoC) made another one of their interest rate announcements. Eyes rolled across the BC Southern Interior as prospective home buyers wondered what the news would bring. Will the BoC’s words

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update – April 2022 In last month’s Penticton mortgage rates update we detailed the recent (at the time) Bank of Canada announcement regarding the Policy rate. In March they increased the rate from .25% to .5%. We predicted that the Bank would

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update – March 2022 Remember in our most recent Penticton real estate news update, when we encouraged buyers to act quickly before market forces increased the cost of buying a home? We named high demand for BC Southern Interior properties and a

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update – November 2021 Prior to Halloween, the Bank of Canada concluded October with an announcement regarding the prime interest rate. If you’ve been following along on our Penticton mortgage news blog, then you know that the announcements have had little impact

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update – September 2021 It’s “back to school” week across BC! All over the province parents, households, and teachers alike are scrambling to adjust their schedules and are planning for the season ahead. Amidst the chaos, the Bank of Canada just made

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update – July 2021 The Bank of Canada (BoC) made their first official announcement of the season, and it’s a midsummer dream for buyers. If you are unfamiliar with the BoC’s press releases and the impact that they generally have on mortgage

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update – June 2021 The spring season is winding down. This not only coincides with summer vacation planning, but with the Bank of Canada’s latest announcement on economic affairs and their impact on borrowing rates. This is of significant interest to those