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Okanagan Valley vs Hawaii

From the Okanagan Valley to the Valley Isle of Hawai’i

Okanagan Valley BC and Maui Hawaii Real Estate Comparison

The fearless leader of our Okanagan Valley mortgage brokerage – Rene Carloni – recently made an excursion to the Valley Isle of Hawai’i. For the uninitiated, the Valley Isle is the affectionate nickname for Maui, which it received due to its unique position between volcanoes that form a bridge of flat land. This feature is akin to our very own BC Southern Interior where there are 16 craters in the Penticton Group of Volcanoes. Our aina (land) is also similarly blessed with beautiful waterways and geographic embellishments that draw visitors from all over the world. You can even find Hawaiian style shave ice along the hot summer sands of Skaha Lake.

While Rene certainly enjoyed time with his ohana while on Maui, he also set aside blocks of his itinerary to asses of the island’s real estate market. He can’t help himself. What Rene discovered, is that the resort community of BC’s Okanagan Valley boasts many parallels to Hawaii’s beloved Valley Isle when it comes to real estate. Below is a breakdown of these similarities and why the services of a mortgage broker are just as important between the two kaikaina (siblings).

What Home Buyers Can Learn About the Similarities Between the BC Okanagan Valley and Hawaii’s Valley Isle of Maui

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