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Mortgage for College Students

Mortgage for University Students

Mortgage for University Students

Mortgage for University Student

Between Okanagan College campuses (Vernon, Kelowna and Penticton), the UBC Kelowna campus, and number of other post-secondary programs in our neck the BC Southern Interior, the Okanagan Valley is known as a “college town” as much as it is a “resort community”. Not only are there tremendous Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD opportunities in the region, students choose to receive their education here because they plan to stay after getting their degree. Knowing this, savvy students want to get a head-start on post-education life by getting a mortgage while in school. Is a mortgage for a university student a good idea? Should college students add that to their plate on top of a full course load? It can absolutely be a great way to get ahead in life! However, like with anything, careful considerations must be made before getting pre-approved. Enroll in our Mortgage for University Student 101 class by reading below.

What College and University Students Need to Know Before Buying a Home While in School

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