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Can I Afford a Mortgage

Can I Afford a Mortgage?

Can I Afford a Mortgage When Putting My Kid Through School?

Can I Afford a Mortgage

You’re a proud parent whose child is about to embark upon a post-secondary education. This could be happening this semester, or in a few short years from now. Whatever the case may be, you plan on paying for their college/university education so that they can get a head start on life without student loan debt. However, you also have another life-changing decision on the mind now that your career is headed in a favorable trajectory. You want to buy a home. Can you manage both, given the rising cost of tuition in Canada? When you connect to the right mortgage broker it’s absolutely feasible. Let’s review!

How a Mortgage Broker Will Help You Buy Your Very First Home While You’re Paying Your Child’s College/University Education

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