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Sun Peaks Resort Mortgage

Sneak Peek at Sun Peaks Mortgage Opportunities

Sun Peaks Mortgage

After a busy start to the spring season surveying the vacation home market (for BC buyers) in the southern United States (including Nashville and St Louis) your perpetually prospecting mortgage broker returned to the Interior. But instead of nestling into our Penticton head office, Rene Carloni headed north into the Thompson-Nicola region. While Kamloops does boast a number of investment opportunities, Rene had his laser-focused sights set on Sun Peaks. Why the urgency? Why not take a breather after the U.S. tour?

Sun Peaks Resort community (located about 45-min from Kamloops) has long been a draw for BC residents, Canadians, and international travelers looking for an alternative to an overrun and expensive Whistler Blackcomb. It’s a truly engaging place not only in the winter ski and snowboard season, but in the spring and summer due to its proximity to recreational lakes and Kamloops. All of that is a given for this beautiful haven. A buyer looking to invest in a short term rental or vacation home for themselves can do no wrong.

However, recent developments have made a Sun Peaks Resort mortgage impossible to pass up. Keep reading!

Foreign Buyer Ban Boosts Local Interest in Sun Peaks Real Estate

Back in February, the federal government extended its ban on foreign buyers until 2027. Some expected that the policy would not be extended to resort municipalities, such as Sun Peaks, but after the dust settled it was unveiled that Sun Peaks was not exempt. The extended ban may be a bummer for the developer powers-that-be, but not for Canadian buyers. For them (you) this is tremendous news. Sellers and property holders will have no choice but to reduce prices and give way on a number of concessions (pre-sale upgrades, furnished condos, etc.). They must scramble to garner interest from Canadian buyers who have been wary about investing given the state of inflation.

You can see why Rene Carloni came back from his southern U.S. tour so soon. This sort of opportunity for second/vacation home investment only comes around once (maybe twice) in a lifetime.

Why Choose Carloni Mortgage Brokers for Sun Peaks Investment

The extended ban on foreign buyers opens up inventory of homes (single family houses, cottages, townhomes, and condos) and incentivizes sellers to reduce prices. But you can do even better on your Sun Peaks Resort mortgage by connecting to Carloni Mortgage Brokers. Rene has relationships in place with lenders to ensure access to lower than advertised fixed and variable interest rates. He can also connect you to alternative private lenders should your financial status be better suited to them over Canada’s big banks. Furthermore, Rene will help you take full advantage of the current state of affairs, increasing your buyer power with staunch negotiations in your favor. The other side of the table will have no choice but to concede to your offers. Again, this opportunity is not to be missed. Enjoy a sneak peek at what life can be like in at Sun Peaks Resort, then reach out via the contacts provided below.

Sun Peaks Resort Mortgage

Uncrowded perfection

Sun Peaks Resort Mortgage

An idyllic European-esque village setting

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