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Vacation Home Mortgage

Ask anyone where they envision the most idyllic vacation home in BC (or even Canada, for that matter) and they’ll tell you the Okanagan Valley. Penticton, along with Naramata, Summerland, and Peachland are recognized as prime locations for leisure properties. Not only will it afford you a resort-esque experience when on vacation with your family, it’s a great investment if considering putting the home on a short term rental (STR) market when you’re not using it. The monthly income from short term renters can pay for the mortgage itself! There is simply no better place in Canada to buy a vacation property. But you already know this, which is why you’re looking for help on a local mortgage. You’ve come to the right place on all accounts, because as longstanding members of the Penticton area community we are here to make that dream a reality, whether you’ve lived here for years or are coming from the coast, across the country, or continent.

Given that this is likely a second home you may wish to tap into your existing equity and use your home as collateral. Or you may be looking at other options, such as pooling your funds with family members or others in your familial, social, or investment circle. It also doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a condo by the beach, a home near a winery, or a lakefront oasis. No matter what you short and longterm picture looks like we can connect you to lenders to provide the most favorable mortgage rates on Penticton area homes.

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