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Mortgage for Buying a House or Condo

Home Mortgage for House or Condo in Penticton BC

You could not have picked a better time to buy your first home.

Coming out of 2020-21 mortgage rates have hit historic lows. Both fixed and variable rates are favorable and are expected to remain so for the forseeable future. But with economic recovery unfolding before our eyes those rates will gradually climb with increases in the Bank of Canada prime rate and bond yield. Terms will become less enticing as lenders become less desperate to attract your hard earned dollar. The time to act is now, but given you’re uncertainty you should not approach lenders alone. No first-time buyer ever should. Why? Because not only do Carloni Mortgage Brokers assist with nearly every step of the home purchasing process (pre-approvals, etc.) we get you access to unadvertised rates. This is made possible due to our longstanding relationships with lenders and other financiers in Penticton and the Southern Interior of BC. We get “bulk discounts” (so to speak) which we pass on to YOU.

Looking for their dream property in Penticton BC? Your search begins with Carloni Mortgage Brokers.

How We Help You Get a Home Mortgage for a House or Condo in Penticton

Our services for new buyers include the following:

  • Pre-approvals and pre-qualifications
  • Mortgage calculations
  • Provide access to a variety of home buyer programs (individuals, couples, families, self-employed persons, etc.)
  • Provide access to lower unadvertised mortgage rates
  • Provide access to private mortgage options
  • More! Unsure? Just ask by calling 250.493.9111

Get Started on the Home Buying Process with a Simple Phone Call

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