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Business and Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Mortgages - Business Mortgage Penticton BC

The Southern Interior of BC is booming and more businesses are entering the fold with each new year. Penticton in particular offers an incredible opportunity for your existing brand to grow, or for your new enterprise to thrive for decades to come. But instead of being at the mercy of a leaseholder you want to finance your own property. Like with any new business venture you need to delegate key responsibilities to parties to help facilitate the process. This is nary more true than with respect to a commercial mortgage. And in Penticton it’s even more important because in this town – it’s all about who you know. Carloni Mortgage Brokers is the one brokerage to make it all happen.

Financing for All Types of Business Properties

Our Penticton brokerage has the expertise to manage the most diverse range of commercial real estate developments, including the following:

  • Mixed commercial-residential
  • Shopping centers and plazas
  • Office spaces
  • Mixed office-retail
  • Industrial lots

How Our Commercial Mortgage Experts Make a Difference

We will working closely with you or your company’s representatives to determine your unique financing needs. From there we will identify appropriate lenders for your specific commercial goals. Carloni Mortgages has the Southern Interior’s largest rolodex (so to speak) of commercial lenders, so finding a suitable match is as straightforward as picking up our phones and making the connections. As a result, you will have the proverbial pick of the litter and will secure the best available business loan structure and interest rate. The commercial rates that you access through Carloni Mortgages are extremely competitive for bank-approved applicants. If for any reason you have tougher qualification criteria (which may be impacted by the nature of your business) we take on that burden for you, and work diligently to ensure you gain access to the best financing options available, including funding alternatives that you may not have considered.

Commercial Mortgages for All Types of Businesses

  • Small to medium businesses (SMBs)
  • Small to medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Large businesses and enterprises
  • Mom & Pop operations
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Other – call 250.493.9111 to ask

Begin the Commercial Mortgage Financing Process Today

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