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Red Light Real Estate

Carloni Heads to Amsterdam to Shine a Red Light on Real Estate

Red Light Real Estate

Just as quickly as Rene Carloni explored the Northern Gulf Islands to find BC buyers a second home this summer, our globe-trotting mortgage broker is at it again. Only this time, he’s flying 4,683 miles across the country and Atlantic Ocean to the city of Amsterdam this August 14th of 2023.

What does the Capital of the Netherlands have to do with the needs of BC buyers?

Many people and households don’t realize that Amsterdam is one of the top financial centers in Europe and is designated as an Alpha World City by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. Furthermore,. Amsterdam lays claim to having the oldest modern securities market stock exchange in the world which was established in 1602. The capital is also consistently ranked as a top 3 city for international real estate investors. Simply put, there’s a lot to be gleaned about real estate investment opportunity from this important global destination. It’s hard to argue this fact when you consider that the city was founded way back in 1275 BC.

But of course, Amsterdam is best known by the general public for one thing – its Red Light District. While an illuminated red porch light on a house has morphed into inferences of ill repute over the past century, it also holds other meanings across countries and cultures. For instance, it has long stood as a symbol of support for firefighters, and to indicate that the property owner is selling various types of goods or services (ahem). More appropriate to Rene Carloni’s goals – a red light on a home alerts all who pass by to the fact that the house if up for sale. Thus, “red ;light real estate” indicates to buyers that it’s time to take action today.

What will come from Carloni Mortgage Brokers’ representation in Amsterdam this summer of 2023? Will we connect BC buyers to previously unforeseen opportunity for international real estate investment in a place that isn’t as bogged down (as Canada) in red tape? Could our valued local readers reap the benefits of having a professional connection in this lucrative European market? It’s quite possible, given that the Netherlands does not place any restrictions on the purchase of property by foreigners, whether resident or non-resident. Or will there be other unexpected benefits from this particular trip? Stay tuned to our BC mortgage blog for what’s to come, and be sure to follow Rene on Instagram for updates on this most recent adventure.

Exciting international opportunities aside, Rene Carloni and the group behind our brokerage remains at your side for mortgage inquiries in the Okanagan Valley and the entire province of British Columbia.

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