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New Construction Mortgage

New Construction Mortgage in the Okanagan

New Construction Mortgage Penticton Okanagan BC

The featured image above is of the Carloni Mortgage Brokers “mobile billboard”. You probably didn’t need that fairly obvious explanation, but we wanted to reference it for a good reason. The trailer has been docked in an area of Penticton BC that is about to receive a major facelift in the very near future. And as usual, Rene Carloni and his team are at the forefront of the movement.

While our brokerage is of service to any buyer and investor searching for a property in the BC Okanagan Valley, one of our specializations is new construction mortgage in Penticton,. Kelowna, and entire BC Southern Interior. If interested in putting your name down (non committal) for a new construction mortgage call our office right away at 250.493.9111. Or, read ahead first to learn more.

Why Choose Carloni Mortgage Brokers for a New Construction Mortgage in Penticton and the BC Okanagan Valley

We’re Headquartered in Penticton

Do you want to discuss Okanagan Valley mortgage opportunities with a brokerage from Vancouver, or from somewhere else outside of the region, province, or country for that matter? In an effort to capitalize on the skyrocketing growth of the area, outside firms are trying to get their paws on buyers even though they (outside firms) have zero knowledge of the Okanagan market beyond what they have read online. Carloni Mortgage Brokers on the other hand, has a head office on Main Street, Penticton BC (get directions). We don’t just know the community, we are a part of the community.

We’re Connected with New Construction Developers

New Construction Mortgage Penticton

Carloni Mortgage Brokers has established relationships with all residential new construction developers in the region. We know what’s coming well before ground is broken and signage goes up to announce new residential builds (at which point it’s often too late to get the pick of the litter). When you become a client of Carloni Mortgage Brokers, you gain intel on current and upcoming new homes before the rest of the public becomes privy to them. That’s a HIUGE advantage in becoming a part of the Carloni family!

Connected with New Construction Realtors/Agents

In addition to developers, our digital rolodex features every Realtor/agent involved in new construction home sales in the Okanagan Valley. Based upon your status, needs, goals, and personality we will connect you to those we feel are the best fit for YOU.

Connected with New Construction Lenders

Lastly, Rene Carloni has longstanding relationships with all reputable new construction home lenders in the BC Okanagan Valley. This includes banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, and alternative private lenders. This provides new construction home buyers/investors of Penticton, Kelowna, and Okanagan area properties with financing options that work best for them and their financial situations and challenges. These relationships also provision buyers with access to lower than advertised mortgage rates for new construction properties.

Ask About a New Construction Mortgage Near You

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