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Mortgage Lessons Learned from ELF

Mortgage Lessons

In 2003, a new movie joined the fold of timeless comedic Christmas classics. John Favreau and Will Ferrell teamed up to create a worthy rival to Home Alone, Home Alone 2, Scrooged, and Christmas Vacation. But in between ELF’s knee-slapping laughs are valuable lessons that can be applied to our lives through all 365 days of the year (and beyond). While many of these lessons focus on inclusivity, patience, understanding, and the importance of family, there are underlying themes that align with future homeownership. That’s right, there are mortgage lessons to be learned from ELF. We know you’re dying to find out what these could possibly be, so let’s get to it!

Most Important Lessons to be Learned from the Christmas Classic ELF for First-Time Home Buyers in BC

Managing Expectations vs Unrelenting Optimism

Santa sent a wide-eyed Buddy packing to the big city without giving him any fair warning about what to expect. Some may say that St. Nick should probably have given Buddy a heads-up on a few things, but our mortgage brokerage doesn’t think so. You see, it was Buddy’s unshakable innocence that only allowed him to see the magic in things that could be credited for breaking down everyone else’s barriers. This lesson can be applied to your forthcoming mortgage.

As a buyer entering the market for the first time, you’re going to be bombarded by Bank of Canada announcements that raise interest rates, reports of limited housing supply, and news of rising home prices. Even your own friends and extended family will try to talk you out of following your dream “at this time”. Don’t let any of this curtail your plans to buy a home right away. Instead, let a mortgage broker take the reigns and keep the spirit of homeownership alive. We will do so by getting you access to better than advertised mortgage rates, and can connect you to alternative private lenders should the big banks put you on the Naughty list due to a limited credit history. Collectively, this will increase your buying power, and will recharge your spirit of homeownership.

Standing Up to Bullies

One of the best scenes in ELF (and there are oh-so many), is when Buddy helps his newfound brother beat school bullies in a snowball fight. Another is when Walter (Buddy’s newfound dad) finally stands up to his tyrant boss. All that it took was for these characters to have someone in their corner when going up against imposing forces. This is what a mortgage broker will do for YOU. 

When it comes to negotiating with intimidating lenders who act as if you need them (when really, they need you) a broker is your Buddy. To reiterate what we stated in the first lesson (above) a broker can get you access to lower fixed and variable mortgage rates in addition to more favorable terms through the First Time Buyer Incentive along with other programs that Canada’s big lenders aren’t telling you about. As a result, you’ll be filled with cheer when it comes to seeking out your dream home.

Let Carloni Mortgage Brokers be your Buddy when buying a home this Holiday season (or beyond). All that you need to do is pick up the phone and call the number below to speak to one of your Helpers.

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