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Mortgage for Pilots

Mortgage for Pilots and Airline Staff

Mortgage for Pilots Airline Staff Penticton Kelowna BC

The Penticton Airport is home to two flight training schools that offer programs for both fixed wing and helicopter students. Kelowna boasts the Southern Interior Flight Centre’s Pilot License and Rating Programs, while in the same area is the Okanagan College Commercial Aviation program. Meanwhile, between Penticton Airport (YYF) and Kelowna International Airport (YLW) there are approximately 65 daily non-stop commercial flights with seven airlines.

The point here, is that a disproportionately large number of pilots are trained in the Okanagan Valley, and return often as established aviators. In having vast experience with the BC Southern Interior (the best place to get a mortgage in BC) pilots are looking to invest in a home in the area. Even if not one’s primary residence it makes sense to have it for those extended layovers in this neck of the province, and then leverage it on the short term rental (STR) market for when not occupied. It will also provide the ultimate retirement property for them the time comes to hang up those wings. In fact, the same is also true for airline staff who have fallen in love with the Okanagan.

Logically, the next step is to connect to a mortgage broker. You’ve landed in the right place. Let’s review.

Why Pilots and Airline Staff Choose Carloni Mortgage Brokers When Buying a Home in the BC Southern Interior

Creating “Mortgage Programs” for Pilots and Airline Professionals

There are dedicated mortgage programs in place for the likes of doctors, healthcare works, and first responders. Why aren’t there any being advertised for pilots too? After all, you navigate through rain, sleet, snow, summer wildfire smoke, and whatever else climate change throws your way, to ensure that the supply chain (commercial/industrial/medical) doesn’t break, and to usher people to/from their professions and loved ones. You’re the definition of essential. And yet, the Big Banks rarely (if ever) devise mortgage programs specific to your profession. That’s garbage in our opinion.

Carloni Mortgage Brokers values what you do. As such, we will work tirelessly to create programs for pilots and airline professionals that suit your specific needs. For the first time buyers among you, we will help you unlock and capitalize on Canada’s first-time buyer incentive programs that will reduce your downpayment requirements. In addition, we can determine qualification (and help you qualify) for RRSP home buyer planstax credits, new housing rebates, and green home programs. Furthermore, Carloni Mortgage Brokers has access to lower unadvertised variable and fixed mortgage rates. This is made possible due to our longstanding relationships with reputable lenders in the Okanagan Valley. They provision our brokerage with bulk discount rates which we pass on to you. Whether you have the credit history to get these favorable rates and terms with the Big Banks (BMO, CIBC, RBC, Scotia, TD) and Credit Unions, or you need to consider alternative private financing, we’ve got you covered. As a result, your home purchasing power can reach for the clouds. The sky’s the limit!

We will create customized solution – call it a pilot mortgage program – that makes sense for your unique financial position and lifestyle.

Carloni Mortgage Brokers will not only create a custom mortgage program that can save you thousands (even tens of thousands), we will manage the process workload for you. Get pre-approved today (or ask any questions you want) by calling the number below.

Pilots and Airline Pros: Call 250.493.9111