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Mortgage for Physicians

Mortgage for Physicians

Mortgage for Physicians Penticton BC

Last month, we took a look a mortgage options for healthcare workers but due to demand from those who hold a Medical Degree (MD) we’re diving deeper into the needs of physicians. Doctors are flocking to the BC Southern Interior in droves to fill much needed positions in local area hospitals and to establish private clinics. As a result, they (and you) are on the hunt for a home. There are approximately 14,000 physicians in BC and there is slated to be a disproportionate percentage in the Okanagan Valley which makes the home-buying process more competitive. While this is an exciting time in your personal and professional life, you could use a helping hand handling the mortgage process. That’s what Carloni Mortgage Brokers is here for. Let’s review.

Why Physicians and Medical Practitioners Choose Carloni Mortgage Brokers When Buying a Home in the BC Southern Interior

Access to Mortgage Programs for Physicians

Very few realize this, but there are lending institutions that have dedicated mortgage programs in place for physicians and other medical professionals. For example, the TD Bank Medical Professional Mortgage home buying program has precise benefits designed to help physicians, surgeons, and residents. Then there is the Scotiabank Healthcare+ Physician Banking Program which offers flexible mortgage solutions. CIBC proffers employee pricing to healthcare professionals on mortgages and investments too. The RBC Healthcare Advantage program is also known to roll in financing benefits for professionals who are on the hunt for a home. These are just examples of solutions being marketed by Canada’s big banks, but there are also credit unions and private lending institutions who all want your business. Whether they package them into a dedicated mortgage program for physicians is beside the point. Ultimately, Carloni Mortgage Brokers will help you “unlock” these programs. Further, it’s our job to keep up to date as new mortgage solutions for your field are released. Moreover, if you’re buying your very first property, you may also qualify for one of these first-time buyer incentive programs. The programs are especially sympathetic to the needs of recent medical school graduates in residency programs. Thought Medical School was intimidating? Try buying your very first home in this white-hot market. Again, we’re here to get you access to mortgage programs that are right for you as a valued medical professional.

Access to Better Borrowing Rates

While lower borrowing rates may be tied into some of the mortgage programs for physicians addressed above, they aren’t always a part of the puzzle. And even when they are, these are what we call advertised rates. Advertised variable and fixed mortgage rates are rarely the lowest available. The lowest available are relegated to brokers who have longstanding relationships with lenders. They are made possible via bulk discounts (so to speak) that can be passed on to you when you partner with the right broker. If buying a home in the BC Southern Interior, that broker is Rene Carloni of Carloni Mortgage Brokers. If you’ve been following BC mortgage rate news then you know that rates are on the rise, which stresses the importance of connecting to an established broker. Call 250.493.9111 to get pre-approved today.

Focus on Your Patients While We Focus on You

Whether you’re on-call and/or working 12-hour (or more) days at the hospital or private clinic, you don’t have the time to manage all of the red tape that comes with getting a mortgage. That red tape includes mortgage calculations, pre-approvals, lender research and negotiations, mortgage insurance, closing documentation and so forth. If you pile that on to your professional and personal load, you’ll get overloaded fast. To ensure that you stay focused on your patients (and the fun parts of buying a home) we welcome you to hand over the entire workload to yours truly. The team at Carloni Mortgage Brokers will manage the mortgage process. There is one thing that you will need to do however – pick up the phone and call Penticton BC mortgage specialist Rene Carloni today. We’re honored to have the opportunity to help find your place in the Okanagan Valley.

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