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Mortgage Broker for First Time Buyer

Mortgage Broker for First Time Buyers

Mortgage Broker for First Time Home Buyer in Penticton

The biggest decision of your life is also the scariest. Purchasing a new vehicle, deciding on which university to fork over tuition to, and choosing a career path pale in comparison to what it’s like to buy your very first home. While you will have received “expert” advice from coworkers, friends, and family, they have done little to ease the nervousness you are feeling. If the mortgage broker industry exists for anything, it’s to disquiet this trepidation. How do we accomplish this task? Let’s find out.

How First-Time Home Buyers Find Comfort in Partnering With Carloni Mortgage Brokers

We Take the Reigns from Day-One

You don’t have to make any decisions before contacting a mortgage broker. We jump in to take the reigns from the very beginning, and you don’t have to pay us out of pocket for a single thing. We’re here to help you kick the proverbial tires on a home purchase because we know that the hardest part is that very first step. With Carloni Mortgages, we will help you with mortgage calculations to discover what you can afford, and will walk you through the pre-approval process, and everything else to follow. Just call 250.493.9111 for a friendly noncommittal chat to see what we mean.

We Explain Everything You Want and Need to Know

A lot of jargon gets thrown your way when doing an initial investigation about what is involved in getting a first mortgage. You hear about Canada’s mortgage stress test, mortgage insurance requirements, the quantitative easing program, and the first-time home buyers incentive platform. You must also decipher the differences between fixed and variable rate mortgages, while having to follow Bank of Canada announcements regarding the prime rate and bond yields. That’s just the tip of the glacial glossary. It’s no wonder prospective buyers put off a home mortgage for far too long. We don’t want you to experience opportunity cost or loss any longer. We are here to fill in the blanks and ensure that you understand all of the terms, conditions, policies, and rate definitions. This way, you don’t enter into any decision without being as informed as you can possibly be. Consider us to be your Google for your first time home purchase, without the confusing and conflicting information.

We Connect You to “AAA” Lenders

For new buyers, the most nerve-racking part of the mortgage process, is approaching lenders. You feel as if you must plead your case on bended knee, begging for enough loot to secure a place to call home. Many of the suits behind the desks of big banks will make you feel this way. It’s our job to remind them, that they need YOU. And if they don’t come to this realization we find lenders that do. Due to our longstanding relationships with financiers throughout the BC Southern Interior we are able to connect you not just to traditional lenders (the big banks) but other financial services institutions and backers that are eager to work with you, and will offer competitive rates, terms, and incentives to ensure that you choose them over the rest. This part of the process should never feel intimidating. Lenders should offer AAA service – affable, amiable, and amicable. We make sure that happens.

We Get You to Lower, Unadvertised Rates, and Terms that Work For YOU

We’ve now dispensed with the niceties of our union. It’s time to get to the meat and potatoes. What you care about most, is what you will have to cough up for downpayment, what you will pay each month, and how long it will take to pay off your mortgage. This all comes down to the rate of interest and the terms associated with your mortgage payment schedule. As mentioned above, we will have already explained everything that you want to know about variable and fixed rate options, so you’ll be comfortable in making your informed decision about that. But more importantly, your broker will get you access to lower rates, incentive programs, and more favorable terms. These are items that are often not advertised in the Penticton Herald, nor on the bus stop signage that lines Government Street along with Warren and Wade. Due to those aforementioned relationships with financiers, lenders, and banking institutions throughout the BC Southern Interior, we get you rates and terms that work for your unique financial situation.

We Follow Through to Closing on Your First Home Purchase

Some brokers break-off once they have secured financing for your home (as that’s where they get their commission). Not us. We will follow through with you to manage the remaining paperwork (there is LOTS) to ensure that every i is dotted and each t is crossed. We are also happy to connect you to supplementary services, whether you need home insurance, an interior designer, landscaper, and everything else required as you close on your dream home and open the doors with your fresh set of keys. But that’s not all – keep reading.

We Stay Connected

Our relationship doesn’t end from the moment you take possession of your new home. That doesn’t mean you have to invite us over for summertime BBQs, it just means that we remain available at your beckon call should you have any followup questions and concerns. And by maintaining our relationship, you will have a partner should you want to explore future options such as mortgage refinancing, renewals, or want to take out a home equity loan to perform a renovation or make an investment. And when the time may come to consider a second home mortgage, such as a vacation property purchase somewhere in BC, we’ve got you covered. We stay at your side for all of the above and beyond. But you know, it’s still nice to get invited to that next backyard cookout (but we do bring beer!) so feel free to call, anytime.

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