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Luxury Home Mortgage

Luxury Home Mortgage Broker Okanagan Valley BC

Luxury Home Mortgage Broker in the Okanagan Valley

While not reported in this recent Okanagan real estate news release, there was one story to come out of the Kelowna area that caught the attention of nearby media. Over the last two annum, a local real estate firm sold 6 houses in Kelowna over 2 years for a total of $55 million CAD. That’s an average price of $9.17 million per house. Those are numbers people are accustomed to seeing from Malibu to Maui, but not necessarily for the Okanagan Valley. Although, it’s hard to see why anyone would be surprised given that we’re in the best place to buy a home in BC if not the country. Dare we say continent?

Our Penticton office also receives its fair share of luxury home mortgage information requests. Buyers and investors from all over the world are interested in laying roots in the southern end of the Okanagan. If you’re among them, there’s only one place to turn for your luxury property mortgage – Carloni Mortgage Brokers. Here’s why.

Why Buyers and Investors Searching for a Luxury Home in the Okanagan Valley BC Turn to Carloni Mortgage Brokers

Because You Still Appreciate Savings

Just because you have the means to buy a luxury home, doesn’t mean that you don’t want to save as much as possible on the mortgage. Being smart with your money is what has put you in this enviable position in the first place.

Carloni Mortgage Brokers has established longstanding relationships with traditional banks and lenders. These relationships afford our firm unmatched access to lower unadvertised variable and fixed rates. We can pass these rates on to you. Moreover, we will have lenders fighting to get your business, which generally equates mortgage terms that land in your favor.

While most local mortgage brokers focus solely on helping out the “little guy/gal” with first-time buyer incentive programs, we have opened up our proverbial war chest to go to battle with the big banks for YOU too. Looking for a luxury home mortgage in the BC Okanagan Valley? There’s no better broker to turn to, than right here.

Well-Connected with Alternative Private Financiers

If for whatever reason (that’s your business) you don’t want to finance your home through Canada’s big banks or credit unions, you will be pleased to know that we have established even better relationships with private lenders. They don’t look at historical records (credit history, etc) the way the big banks do. Instead, they look at what you bring to the table today and tomorrow. We will help present your case to alternative private lenders (should you desire) and have them scrambling to provide financing for your home. Learn more about this option here. or simply call us directly at 250.493.9111 for a friendly conversation on the matter.

We Know Luxury

Rene Carloni of Carloni Mortgage Brokers has a pedigree in luxury property mortgages. As a result, Rene knows how to leverage the real estate market state-of-affairs to your benefit so that you come out on top. Rene will increase your buying power and get you more favorable terms than found with any other firm in the region. While the top two benefits above (lower rates and access to private lenders) may be more tangle, it’s the ability to read between the lines that sets us apart. Find out what your opportunities can be in luxury home ownership in the Okanagan by tapping the numbers below into your phone.

Get a Luxury Home Mortgage in the Okanagan

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Luxury Home Mortgage Broker Okanagan Valley BC