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How to Find a Second Home in BC

Carloni Takes to the Air (and Sea) to Find BC Buyers a Second Home

How to Find a Second Home in BC

Every month, hundreds if not thousands of property owners across the country hit the market in search of a second home in beautiful British Columbia. It’s a wise plan because a second home mortgage offers a savvy way to leverage equity in an existing property to build sustainable real estate wealth. There’s only one problem – inventory is getting lean, especially in the best place to live in Canada.

Rene Carloni of Carloni Mortgage Brokers understands this conundrum better than anyone. After all, he has helped countless of individuals and households buy their first homes over the years, and they continue to return to him for follow up services, from refinancing and renewals to home equity loans and vacation home mortgages. So when it comes to your query about “how to find a second home in BC” despite demand outweighing supply, there is no better brokerage to turn to.

While all mortgage brokers claim to go the extra mile, only Rene Carloni does so…literally. That’s right, Rene is taking flight for BC buyers and investors once again! After returning from Maui HI to survey the market, our brokerage found that local clients began expressing interest in real estate and lot investments outside of their Okanagan Valley bubbles. It has become a logical reaction to the above-mentioned inventory concerns. In response, Rene is using the remainder of the summer season (and Frequent Flyer miles) to help clients (yourself included) find a idllic island property while remaining within the comforts of BC.

Where is Rene off to, to find your second home mortgage opportunity? The Northern Gulf Islands, located in the Sunshine Coast region of British Columbia. This trek will take your trusted broker into Hardy Island, Nelson Island, Texada island, along with Sechelt/Gibsons and Pender Harbor. Rene has established relationships with the region’s agents, Realtors, and private sellers, and will grow these connections even further on this excursion so that interested clients (you?) may potentially find a dream property within the embrace of the paradisal archipelago.

How many mortgage brokers have you heard of who will go to such great lengths for current, new, and prospective clients?

How to Find a Second Home British Columbia

You should be here!

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Stay tuned for updates along the way by following Rene on Instagram. If you’re already interested in what Rene may uncover when searching second home mortgage opportunities in the Northern Gulf Islands (or anywhere in BC) reach out right away to express interest.

Considering a Second Home in BC?