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How a Mortgage Broker Can Help You Keep Your NY Goals

The new year is here. Like with most households, you and yours have set resolutions for the annum ahead. If you also happen to be in the market for a home, you’re in luck. Why? Because the right mortgage broker can assist not just with a home purchase, but can help you keep two common (and worthy) new year goals. Here’s how.

2 Big Ways a Mortgage Broker Can Help You Buy a Home AND Reach Your New Year Resolutions for 2022

Resolution 1: Save More Money

Saving money while buying a home can be a challenge. However, when you work with a reputable mortgage broker, you can keep more dough in the bank. This is directly accomplished via their ability to get you access to lower fixed and variable mortgage rates. With lower borrowing rates, you pay less each month and/or can shorten the term of your mortgage. This ultimately affords you greater savings. However, these lower rates are not the ones being advertised by the major banks and credit unions. Banks and other lending institutions reserve “discounted bulk rates” (so to speak) for mortgage brokers with whom they have established relationships with. In the BC Southern Interior, that group is found within the doors of Carloni Mortgage Brokers. Call us today at 250.493.9111 to find out what our current specials are.

Saving money in the new year? That’s one resolution you can take to the bank! Keep reading.

Resolution 2: Spend More Time with the Family

There are tangible rewards tied to new year goals (i.e. saving money) and then there are the less tangible but no less important resolutions. Spending more time with family is one of them, if not the most important of all. How can a mortgage broker help you score points towards this worthy ambition? By helping you afford a home that your family dreams about. A broker can help ensure that you find a place that has the interior/exterior space that encourages you to gather and enjoy conversation, dining, entertainment, and even the simple act of sitting in sweet silence together.

However, without a mortgage broker at your side throughout the home-buying process, this resolution is challenged. You may not be able to afford a home that can make the vision happen. As real estate inventory in the BC Southern Interior tightens and prices correspondingly rise, you have far fewer options. Simply put, your buying power is reduced. A broker will change that.

In addition to lower borrowing rates (as per above) a broker can provide you with access to first time buyer incentive programs that will effectively reduce your downpayment requirements. A broker may also connect first time buyers to to RRSP home buyer planstax credits, new housing rebates, and even eco-friendly home programs. View more on these new buyer incentives here. In addition, an established broker may also connect you to alternative private lenders who do not obsess solely over your credit score. All of the above increases your buying power, which frees you up to consider many other properties – one of which will be your family’s dream home.

If buying a home in the BC Southern Interior, begin the new year off the right way by contacting Carloni Mortgage Brokers in Penticton.

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~ Happy New Year Everyone ~