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Good News and No Blues for Carloni in St. Louis

Good News and No Blues for Carloni in St. Louis (well, some Blues)

St Louis Vacation Homes for BC Buyers - Rene Carloni

Have you been following Okanagan mortgage broker Rene Carloni’s adventures across the Southern United States? In his relentless quest to connect second home buyers in BC with international real estate investment opportunities, Rene has ventured into new territories. You can check out his recent trip to Los Angeles, California, here, and his journey through Nashville, Tennessee, here. The latter (Tennessee) led Carloni and his gang along the Mississippi River to another state with double-consonants – Missouri – with St. Louis being the focus of the mission.

Why Missouri? We know the “Show Me” state doesn’t exactly make sense on the surface as a place BC Interior buyers may be interested in. However, if you dig deeper into the state’s nickname (Show Me) you will find one notable parallel with our neck of the province:

“After a strike depleted the ranks of local miners, Missouri miners were imported to take their place. While acquainting the Missourians with local mining practices, supervisors reportedly took to saying, “That man is from Missouri. You’ll have to show him.”

Why Is Missouri Called the Show Me State | Britannica

Terrible excuse for a nickname aside, the fact that Missouri has strong roots to mining is something we can appreciate. The Okanagan and Thompson-Okanagan has a history in mining, and is a part our rich personality, so to speak. Furthermore, St. Louis is also famous for other features that the Okanagan is well known for including best-in-class ice cream and libations (i.e. Anheuser-Busch). And of course, the word “Blues” comes to mind for most Canadians when they hear the prefix of St. Louis. Like with Penticton, St. Louis is a big hockey town. In fact, the Penticton Vees has delivered 9 players to the St. Louis Blues. It was therefore serendipitous for Rene and the Carloni boys to be found hanging out in the Blues locker room after a big game this spring season.

Speaking of serendipity, it’s beginning to feel like St. Louis may be a good match for your U.S. vacation home investment, doesn’t it? There are prime real estate opportunities for BC buyers to get excited about in the region. Some recommended communities to consider for real estate investment in St. Louis include the following:

If you’re interested in what Rene may have uncovered in STL (there are other hidden gems!) or local opportunities at home in BC, reach out right away to express interest. Our office will take your stated budget, goals, and desires and build a client profile that Rene can apply to his mission in the southern United States (and beyond). Stay tuned for updates from the southern USA by following Rene on Instagram.

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