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Mortgage News and Helpful Tips for Home Buyers

Mortgage Broker for First Time Buyers The biggest decision of your life is also the scariest. Purchasing a new vehicle, deciding on which university to fork over tuition to, and choosing a career path pale in comparison to what it’s like to buy your very

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update – June 2021 The spring season is winding down. This not only coincides with summer vacation planning, but with the Bank of Canada’s latest announcement on economic affairs and their impact on borrowing rates. This is of significant interest to those

Using Airbnb to Pay Your Mortgage Collectively, the cities and towns of the South Okanagan represent a vacation oasis for people from all over the province, country, continent, and world. As a real estate buyer in/entering the area, you see a major opportunity to pay

Mortgage Broker for Teachers Summer is upon us in the beautiful BC Southern Interior and for most teachers in the area it couldn’t come too soon. Once the final papers have been graded and the doors are closed they are free, not just for some

Single Person Mortgage We’ve covered getting a mortgage as a young couple, as a senior household, and as a single parent, but many Penticton area residents are flying solo. In fact, as a single person household you make up over 17 percent of the city’s

Mortgage Broker for Seniors We may be BC Southern Interior’s go-to brokerage for young couples and young parents, but we’d be remiss to not mention another valued segment in the Okanagan Valley. In fact, the senior/pensioner demographic makes up 29% of our population. You are

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update Spring 2021 The Bank of Canada provided an update regarding the overnight rate and bond yields last week. As you may or may not know, their announcements on such matters are often reflected in variable and fixed mortgage rates, respectively. As

How to Get a Mortgage as a Single Parent Single parent homes make up nearly 21% of the total number of census families in Penticton BC. But while you share that distinction with almost 2000 other households in the city you certainly feel alone from

Young Couple Mortgage Advice Penticton may be best known as a vibrant retirement resort community but it’s also a big draw for young couples with career, business, and familial aspirations on the mind (not necessarily in that order). In fact, recent data shows that the

A developer wanted to purchase an investment property that was in foreclosure from the bank. While the client had equity in property and businesses, he had no cash available. He required funds for the full purchase price within 10 days to get the deal. Bank

Debt Consolidation in Penticton BC Very few people know that they can go to a mortgage broker to consolidate debt. In reality, it’s the best course of action you can take when concerned about getting your credit back on track. By consolidating other debt with

A young client was moving to Vancouver for a new promotion. The client had good credit and solid income with his new job. He was however missing a down payment to get into his first home. He asked his parents for help with the down-payment