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Mortgage News and Helpful Tips for Home Buyers

Mortgage for Business Owners Penticton is the focal point of British Columbia’s South Okanagan-Similkameen, with more than 3,000 local business owners and counting. That number grows exponentially when you factor in surrounding townships and cities. This is indeed an ideal place to set up shop,

Can You Buy a Home as a Business? Call 250.493.9111 to Find Out! The Penticton Western News published an interesting public interest story this week. It was about an Okanagan business that purchased a home to help with employee recruitment. The logic was simple. They

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update – July 2022 In our early July Penticton real estate news update we let readers know that the Bank of Canada would make their latest announcement regarding the benchmark interest rate this week. They did so yesterday (July 13) and it

Penticton Real Estate News | July 2022 For the first time in 3 years, summer (as we have always known it) is in full swing in Penticton BC. The Peach City Cruise once again rolled into town, and Elvis has been spotted everywhere. The 14-day

Getting a Mortgage for Million Dollar Home in the Okanagan Remember when a million dollars in the bank meant you could retire at an early age and live off of the interest? Us neither. Ask your parents. What was once touted as a lottery windfall

How Old is Too Old to Buy a House? Were you not able to afford a home in your 20s, 30s, 40s, even 50s? Or did homeownership simply not suit your carefree lifestyle? Or did your profession have you bouncing around the country, continent, or

How Young is too Young to Buy a House? The world is a lot different than it was in your parents’ time. Young adults are more empowered than ever before, leading the charge in a number of industries (media and tech, etc.) and starting new

Buying a Home this Summer? Summer is coming. While most people have visions of overdue vacations dancing in their heads, you’ve got something even bigger in mind – your very first mortgage. However, given the significance of such a major life decision, you’re wondering if

Penticton Real Estate News | May 2022 There’s just one month left in the spring season. Given that buyers prefer to move into their new home in the summer, now is the perfect time to get a mortgage. If you’re among this lot, you’re invested

Mortgage for Pilots and Airline Staff The Penticton Airport is home to two flight training schools that offer programs for both fixed wing and helicopter students. Kelowna boasts the Southern Interior Flight Centre’s Pilot License and Rating Programs, while in the same area is the

Mortgage for Physicians Last month, we took a look a mortgage options for healthcare workers but due to demand from those who hold a Medical Degree (MD) we’re diving deeper into the needs of physicians. Doctors are flocking to the BC Southern Interior in droves

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update – April 2022 In last month’s Penticton mortgage rates update we detailed the recent (at the time) Bank of Canada announcement regarding the Policy rate. In March they increased the rate from .25% to .5%. We predicted that the Bank would