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Mortgage News and Helpful Tips for Home Buyers

A Christmas Carol Lesson for Home Buyers It’s that time of the year when cable and streaming services are teeming with Holiday favorites. Within the dramas and comedies is one story that in addition to traditional life lessons, offers important takeaways for people who have

Penticton Real Estate News | Dec 2022 We’re in the middle of December, and households throughout the Okanagan eagerly await the arrival of something special. That’s right – a Penticton real estate news update from Carloni Mortgages Brokers! But instead of waiting for Christmas Eve

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update – December 2022 The Canadian Prime Rate Train Stays on Track to Conclude 2022 The featured image above (and caption) tells you what you need to know – the recent series of Bank of Canada prime rate hikes remain on track

Black Friday Mortgage Deals and Rates 2022 Last year, 54 percent of Canadians participated in Black Friday promotions, which was up from 31 percent from the year before. That number is expected to be higher for 2022 as more of us are hopping on the

Is Penticton Real Estate a Good Investment? There’s no denying that our neck of the Okanagan Valley is the best place to get a mortgage in BC from a quality of life perspective. For that reason alone households buy their dream home in our quintessential

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update – Autumn 2022 Last week (October 26) the Bank of Canada (BoC) made another one of their interest rate announcements. Eyes rolled across the BC Southern Interior as prospective home buyers wondered what the news would bring. Will the BoC’s words

Is it really that complicated? You’ve been following Penticton area real estate news and have come to the conclusion that you can no longer afford to sit on the fence over buying your first home. Mortgage rates are rising with each passing Bank of Canada

You have been thinking about remodeling your home. However, you don’t currently have the disposable funds to do so without feeling a serious financial pinch in your day to day life. After doing some research (and asking around) you’ve realized that existing equity in your

Penticton Real Estate News | Oct 2022 You can smell the pumpkin spiced lattes in the air, which means that it must be autumn in the Okanagan. Indeed it is. With the summer season locked away for another 300+ days, many households have switched focus

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update – September 2022 After a quiet August, the Bank of Canada has started ‘back to school’ season with a highly anticipated press release regarding the prime rate. They made the announcement on Wednesday September 7, leaving potential home buyers with plenty

Can I Afford a Mortgage When Putting My Kid Through School? You’re a proud parent whose child is about to embark upon a post-secondary education. This could be happening this semester, or in a few short years from now. Whatever the case may be, you

Mortgage for University Students Between Okanagan College campuses (Vernon, Kelowna and Penticton), the UBC Kelowna campus, and number of other post-secondary programs in our neck the BC Southern Interior, the Okanagan Valley is known as a “college town” as much as it is a “resort