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Mortgage News and Helpful Tips for Home Buyers

Luxury Home Mortgage Broker in the Okanagan Valley While not reported in this recent Okanagan real estate news release, there was one story to come out of the Kelowna area that caught the attention of nearby media. Over the last two annum, a local real

Okanagan Real Estate News | May 2023 Spring is definitely in the air. Some may say “summer” after the Okanagan Valley has experienced a heat wave to rival the Hawaiian Islands (where we just returned from). The month of May is off to a great

From the Okanagan Valley to the Valley Isle of Hawai’i The fearless leader of our Okanagan Valley mortgage brokerage – Rene Carloni – recently made an excursion to the Valley Isle of Hawai’i. For the uninitiated, the Valley Isle is the affectionate nickname for Maui,

Okanagan Real Estate News | March 2023 One of the Okanagan Valley’s most trusted news resources regarding real estate and mortgage rates is back with an update, and just in time for Spring Break. Given that you’ve decided that spring is a good time to

There Are No Houses for Sale in My Area! The BC Southern Interior has a major problem, and there’s no way to sugar-coat it. The four-season resort community is considered by most everyone as the BEST place to live in the entire province. Even worse,

Should I Get a Mortgage in the Spring? Spring season is upon us. Although, someone should alert the weatherman because so far he’s been delivering nothing but unseasonably cold temperatures for the beginning of March in the BC Southern Interior. While we can’t do anything

Valentine’s Day Mortgage Our Okanagan BC office believes in celebrating all of the special days of the year. We also believe in love, which is why we’ve got a special delivery for prospective home buyers this Valentine’s Day. Is it flowers? Maybe chocolates? We’ll leave

What to Do About These Mortgage Interest Rate Increases Are you tired of hearing about mortgage interest rate increases? Us too. In fact, for the first time since we’ve been publishing real estate news updates we left out of the most recent Bank of Canada

Penticton Real Estate News | Feb 2023 We’re midway through the first fiscal quarter of 2023, which means that it’s time for a real estate news update from our Penticton office. Is there anything new in the news that may impact (or incite!) plans to

Mortgage for Young Professionals in BC Ahh, to be young again, especially if one is a “young professional”. There’s nary a better time in life than to be on the cusp of budding success in a field that you’re passionate about. Embrace it, and live

Best Mortgage Memes for 2023 The new year is here. Typically, Carloni Mortgage Brokers would begin the annum by adding to our growing resource of helpful articles with yet anther insightful piece on the importance of working with a broker. You may have been expecting