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Mortgage News and Helpful Tips for Home Buyers

From the Okanagan to the Kootenays image: The Okanagan is considered by most as being the best place to get a mortgage in BC for the cooccurring consensus that it’s also one of the best places to live in the entire country. To be

Canadian Mortgage Trends just released the results of a survey of “influential” economists and analysts who have provided their expectations for the year ahead (2024). These experts (ahem) ended up split on one key thing – the odds of a recession. The survey unveiled a

Have you been thinking about buying a home in the BC Okanagan Valley before 2023 comes to an end? If so, you’ve probably been waiting for a sign from the Universe to tell you that it’s time to do so. Sometimes signs of this nature

Okanagan Real Estate News | Oct 2023 The smell of pumpkin spiced latte is in the air, which means that autumn is in full swing in the BC Okanagan Valley. This time of the year also marks the fourth fiscal quarter (Q4) which means that

Okanagan Wildfires Impact on Real Estate Market 2023-24 Another summer has passed, and another summer has left an indelible mark on the BC Okanagan Valley as wildfires raged once again. While Penticton was spared, the Kelowna area was not so lucky. The persistent occurrence has

Okanagan Real Estate News | Sept 2023 It’s been awhile since our last Okanagan real estate news update. Our Penticton mortgage brokers office has been busy, and our fearless leader Rene Carloni has been on a globe-trotting mission on behalf of clients who are in

Rene Carloni’s European Tour! And just like that, the summer season of 2023 has come to a conclusion. It was a big one for the Carloni Mortgage Brokers office, and not just because of the numerous clients that we helped secure dream homes for across

Carloni Heads to Amsterdam to Shine a Red Light on Real Estate Just as quickly as Rene Carloni explored the Northern Gulf Islands to find BC buyers a second home this summer, our globe-trotting mortgage broker is at it again. Only this time, he’s flying

Carloni Takes to the Air (and Sea) to Find BC Buyers a Second Home

Will Mortgage Rates Ever Go Back Down Again? You’re itching to buy a home in the BC Okanagan Valley. Why wouldn’t you, given that it’s the best place to live in the province and country!? We know, you’re hesitating because the mortgage rates have been

Can You Get Out of a 5-Year Fixed Mortgage? Are you preparing to buy a home and considering a 5-year fixed rate mortgage? As someone who prefers the consistency and low risk of a fixed mortgage over a variable model, this seems to be the

Should You Consider a Short Term Fixed Rate Mortgage? The Bank of Canada rolled back on their earlier indication that they would hold the prime rate steady through rest of the year by raising it on June 7/2023. If they don’t do it again on their July