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Mortgage News and Helpful Tips for Home Buyers

Ban on Foreign Buyers Great for Local Real Estate Investors You’ve Got 972 Days to Get Your Next Mortgage (but don’t wait that long) At press (May 3, 2024) BC resident homeowners and other Canadian investors have abou 2.5 years to take advantage of a

Sneak Peek at Sun Peaks Mortgage Opportunities After a busy start to the spring season surveying the vacation home market (for BC buyers) in the southern United States (including Nashville and St Louis) your perpetually prospecting mortgage broker returned to the Interior. But instead of

Good News and No Blues for Carloni in St. Louis (well, some Blues) Have you been following Okanagan mortgage broker Rene Carloni’s adventures across the Southern United States? In his relentless quest to connect second home buyers in BC with international real estate investment opportunities,

Nashville Tennessee and the BC Okanagan Valley have a lot in common. A penchant of country music is one thing, as are our respective topographies (desert like, yet not quite). Many are also surprised to learn that like the Okanagan, Nashville has gained renown for

Am I Paying Too Much for My Mortgage? The moment you realize you’re paying too much for your mortgage… You just looked at your banking statement after yet another home loan payment went out to your Canadian lender of choice (bank or credit union) and

What Happens With a Mortgage When You Separate? A separation is a major transition for a married couple, obviously. Beyond the emotional component there is a lot to consider, especially when you have a mortgage. What happens with a mortgage when you separate in British

Can My Mortgage Renewal be Denied? Don’t let the stress of a mortgage renewal keep you up at night The first half (or so) of your mortgage term is generally an exciting time. You’re riding off the high of being a first time home buyer

Home Equity Loan for Rental Property Are you a BC homeowner who was built up significant equity in your property, and want to leverage the value to earn income on the rental market? Despite high interest rates (at press), a home equity loan for a

Benefits of a Home Equity Loan to Start a Home-Based Business There are a number of common ways homeowners leverage a home equity loan. The borrowed money can be used for traditional renovations (a new kitchen, bathroom, etc.). It can be used to pay off

Getting Ready for New Construction Homes in Penticton At the end of 2023, the Okanagan Valley’s largest real estate transaction was completed right here in Penticton BC. A 10-acre property on Government Street, located across from the Penticton Regional Hospital, has been sold to developers.

To launch the new year, our Okanagan Valley brokerage published an article for how people who made homeownership a part of their New Year resolutions can achieve their goal with the help of a broker. But did you know that in doing so, you can

Don’t let your new year mortgage plans become a footnote Research shows that approximately 80% of Canadians abandon their New Year resolutions by February. It’s one thing when those goals involve laying off sugary sweets and hitting the gym more, but another when related to