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Christmas Mortgage

A Christmas Carol Lesson for Home Buyers

Christmas Mortgage Penticton BC

It’s that time of the year when cable and streaming services are teeming with Holiday favorites. Within the dramas and comedies is one story that in addition to traditional life lessons, offers important takeaways for people who have been thinking about buying their very first property. Is it Home Alone? Perhaps National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? Could it be Love Actually? Or is it one of the Hallmark Channel’s latest releases? While each of these include revelations that may be analogously applied to the home buying process, they don’t tackle the issue (and opportunity) quite like the ultimate classic – A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens’ narrative with its three antagonizing specters function as a cautionary tale for anyone who sits on the fence about getting a mortgage. How? Let’s review!

How A Christmas Carol’s Ghosts of Past, Present, and Future Offer Valuable Lessons for Those Who Put Off Getting a Mortgage

Ghost of Christmas Past

There is one Ghost from Christmas Past that haunts prospective home buyers. In fact, it keeps most from even attempting to get pre-approved – poor credit history.

If unfortunate decisions from years ago have rattled the chains of your home buying desires, and left you in debt, you may feel as if you have no alternative but to keep renting for the rest of your life. This isn’t the case when you work with a full service mortgage broker. A full service broker provides debt consolidation options that will help your credit history climb out of its grave. Over time (often sooner than expected) your credit score will improve, and you’ll be ready to approach lenders with added assist from the very same broker that made it possible. Furthermore, a broker can connect you to private financing options. These alternative mortgage lenders don’t look solely at your credit history when determining your value as an investment.

Get rid of the Ghost of Christmas Past (poor credit, or no credit) this Holiday season! If buying a home in the BC Interior, contact mortgage broker Rene Carloni today at 250.493.9111.

Ghost of Christmas Present

With the Ghost of Christmas Past in your rear view, you can now focus on today. That said, the Ghost of Christmas Present also boasts some important lessons. While you keep hearing about inflation and the rising prices of pretty much everything, you can’t let the news cloud your judgement when it comes to getting pre-approved on a mortgage.

At press, Okanagan Valley buyers are in a good position to buy a home, even amidst rising interest rates. According to recent Penticton real estate reports, year-over-year home sales are down while new residential construction is rising fast. As a result, supply is returning to optimal levels (for buyers) which is reducing the prices on desirable properties in the region. Moreover, sellers are motivated to sell at year end. In other words, you should not wait any longer to get pre-approved. If you don’t live in the present and act now, you could be kicking yourself in the future (more on that below). Other buyers and investors will scramble to scoop up properties, which will once again leave you in the lurch.. Act now, by contacting Rene Carloni at 250.493.9111 to get pre-approved for a mortgage this Christmas.

Ghost of Christmas Future

The Ghost of Christmas Future is pointing his/her boney finger in your direction.. He/she already knows what will happen if you keep waiting to get a mortgage.. Inventory of desirable homes will become scarce, and prices will creep up higher than you desire. Further, mortgage rates could rise if the Bank of Canada continues to increase the prime rate.

Don’t let 2023 represent a year when you exclaim “I should have…” when looking back at another annum of inaction on the home-buying front. Let a better and more positive vision of your future unfold by contacting Rene Carloni today at 250.493.9111 to get pre-approved..

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Christmas Mortgage BC

~ Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to All ~