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Carloni Bridges Gap Between Nashville and Okanagan Valley

Carloni Bridges Gap Between Nashville and Okanagan Valley

Nashville Tennessee and the BC Okanagan Valley have a lot in common. A penchant of country music is one thing, as are our respective topographies (desert like, yet not quite). Many are also surprised to learn that like the Okanagan, Nashville has gained renown for its wine. While the “Volunteer State” might not be as synonymous with vino as we are, they are actually home to around 40 wineries and 150 vineyards. Both regions are among the biggest tourism draws of each nation and are vintage picker paradises (American Pickers’ Antique Archaeology store is located in Nashville). And perhaps most importantly, we’re both HUGE fans of hockey. For decades the best-in-class Okanagan Hockey Academy and Penticton Vees have been feeding the NHL and its 1997 franchise addition of the Nashville Predators. Lastly, and for the intents and purposes of this article, another commonality is based in real estate. For instance, the current median list price of homes in Penticton, BC is about $632,000 while the median list price of homes in Nashville for this same period is around $625,000. The parallels are downright eerie!

As the BC Okanagan Valley’s continent-trotting mortgage specialist, Rene Carloni had no choice but to leverage Spring Break, pack up with his family in tow, and head for Nashville at the tail-end of March 2024. While Rene and his sons took the opportunity to catch a few NHL games and mingle with the players (view Instagram posts here) our trusted mortgage broker simultaneously eyed the Nashville market for current and future clients. Given the similarities between Nashville and the Okanagan Valley, Carloni knows that young and mature second-home hunters alike are excited to learn more about real estate opportunities in this neck of the U.S. south. After all, Snowbirds don’t flock to Florida like they used to due to the sociopolitical environment, and are looking for a more appropriate (and diverse) alternative. Nashville may most certainly be it.

In addition to welcoming residents and a wealth of amenities, attractions, and entertainment, there are prime real estate opportunities for BC buyers in Nashville. Five recommended places to consider a real estate investment in Nashville include the following:

If you’re interested in what Rene may have uncovered in Nashville,, or local opportunities at home in BC, reach out right away to express interest. Our office will take your stated budget, goals, and desires and build a client profile that Rene can apply to his mission in the southern United States (and beyond). Stay tuned for updates from the southern USA by following Rene on Instagram.

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