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Mortgage News and Helpful Tips for Home Buyers

Will Mortgage Rates Ever Go Back Down Again? You’re itching to buy a home in the BC Okanagan Valley. Why wouldn’t you, given that it’s the best place to live in the province and country!? We know, you’re hesitating because the mortgage rates have been

Can You Get Out of a 5-Year Fixed Mortgage? Are you preparing to buy a home and considering a 5-year fixed rate mortgage? As someone who prefers the consistency and low risk of a fixed mortgage over a variable model, this seems to be the

Should You Consider a Short Term Fixed Rate Mortgage? The Bank of Canada rolled back on their earlier indication that they would hold the prime rate steady through rest of the year by raising it on June 7/2023. If they don’t do it again on their July

Okanagan Real Estate News | June 2023 Summer “break” is almost here and things are heating up in the Okanagan Valley. Is it just the weather that we’re talking about, or will the real estate market bounce back after a bit of a slow down

What to Do When Mortgage Rates are High in BC Canadian Mortgage Trends reports that BMO, CIBC, RBC and the National Bank have increased their posted fixed rates at the onset of June. The remainder of Canada’s Big 6 banks are likely to follow suit.

Is a Mortgage Broker Necessary in BC? You’re ready to enter the real estate market. The next step is to connect to a mortgage broker, but you can’t help but wonder if doing so is indeed a prerequisite to buying a home. Doesn’t adding a

Own a Business, But Not a Home? You’re Missing Out! Congrats on leaving the 9-5 grind behind to run your own business venture. It must feel good to retreat to your very own home at the end of each day to bask in the rewards

Luxury Home Mortgage Broker in the Okanagan Valley While not reported in this recent Okanagan real estate news release, there was one story to come out of the Kelowna area that caught the attention of nearby media. Over the last two annum, a local real

Okanagan Real Estate News | May 2023 Spring is definitely in the air. Some may say “summer” after the Okanagan Valley has experienced a heat wave to rival the Hawaiian Islands (where we just returned from). The month of May is off to a great

From the Okanagan Valley to the Valley Isle of Hawai’i The fearless leader of our Okanagan Valley mortgage brokerage – Rene Carloni – recently made an excursion to the Valley Isle of Hawai’i. For the uninitiated, the Valley Isle is the affectionate nickname for Maui,

Okanagan Real Estate News | March 2023 One of the Okanagan Valley’s most trusted news resources regarding real estate and mortgage rates is back with an update, and just in time for Spring Break. Given that you’ve decided that spring is a good time to