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Black Friday Mortgage Deals

Black Friday Mortgage Deals and Rates 2022

Black Friday Mortgage Deals Rates 2022

Last year, 54 percent of Canadians participated in Black Friday promotions, which was up from 31 percent from the year before. That number is expected to be higher for 2022 as more of us are hopping on the USA’s annual shopping bandwagon. Most people are looking to score door-busters on fashions, electronics, and even vehicles. However, a number of BC Southern Interior households are wondering if there will be any Black Friday mortgage deals and rates on tap for this coming November 25th? There most certainly will be, even if in a roundabout way. What do we mean? Let’s find out!

How BC Southern Interior Home Buyers Can Score a Deal on Mortgage Rates this Black Friday of 2022

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Is Penticton Real Estate a Good Investment?

Is Penticton Real Estate a Good Investment?

There’s no denying that our neck of the Okanagan Valley is the best place to get a mortgage in BC from a quality of life perspective. For that reason alone households buy their dream home in our quintessential resort community. However, a number of you are on the hunt for a pure investment. You’re not as dazzled by the beautiful lakes, friendly faces, and four season livability factors. Instead, you’re primarily interested in investment prospects. Is Penticton really as idyllic as you’ve heard when it comes real estate investing? Absolutely. Below is a succinct breakdown of what you need to know.

3 Reasons Why Penticton Real Estate is One of the Smartest Investments You Can Make in 2023 and Beyond

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Bank of Canada Announcement (Autumn 2022)

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update – Autumn 2022

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update October-November 2022

Last week (October 26) the Bank of Canada (BoC) made another one of their interest rate announcements. Eyes rolled across the BC Southern Interior as prospective home buyers wondered what the news would bring. Will the BoC’s words cause Okanagan and Penticton mortgage rates to rise yet again? Or will things even out as we wind down the annum? In order to adequately answer your questions and concerns we’ve waited a week longer than we normally would to report on the announcement. It’s a good idea to let the dust settle to find out how the Bank’s meddling may or may not impact homeownership aspirations. So where does your purchasing power now stand as we enter the second week of November? Let’s review.

What Buyers Really Need to Know About the Autumn 2022 Bank of Canada Policy Rate Hike

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How to Get Help with the Mortgage Stress Test in 2022-23

How to do Mortgage Stress Test Penticton BC

Is it really that complicated?

You’ve been following Penticton area real estate news and have come to the conclusion that you can no longer afford to sit on the fence over buying your first home. Mortgage rates are rising with each passing Bank of Canada announcement, so by waiting you’ll only pay more to own one. That said, you’re nervous about reports regarding Canada’s mortgage stress test. Further, you’re not sure what it even is. Collectively this has made you uncertain about getting approved for a mortgage, even though you know you must get the ball rolling by doing the test right away. It’s either that or you’ll have to throw in with your folks (or other family member) to get approved – not exactly the path you wanted to take.

You’ve come to the right place. 

Instead of providing a standard DIY guide for how to do a mortgage stress test, we’re going to help you get it done. But first, here a practical look at exactly what Okanagan BC buyers need to know about passing the mortgage stress test for 2022-23.

What New Buyers in the Okanagan Need to Know About the 2022-23 Mortgage Stress Test and Where to Get Help to Pass It

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Should I Use Home Equity to Remodel?

You have been thinking about remodeling your home. However, you don’t currently have the disposable funds to do so without feeling a serious financial pinch in your day to day life. After doing some research (and asking around) you’ve realized that existing equity in your property can be the solution you need. That said, debt is debt, so you’re asking yourself, “Should I use home equity to remodel?”. Here’s what you should consider.

5 Things to Consider When Deciding Whether or Not to Leverage Equity in Your House to Renovate and Remodel

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Penticton Real Estate News | Oct 2022

Penticton Real Estate News | Oct 2022

Penticton Real Estate News

You can smell the pumpkin spiced lattes in the air, which means that it must be autumn in the Okanagan. Indeed it is. With the summer season locked away for another 300+ days, many households have switched focus to more responsible matters – one of them being a real estate purchase. Is now a good time to buy a home, or should you wait until the new year? Let’s have a look at current real estate news for the Penticton BC area and find out!

Real Estate Updates for Penticton and the Surrounding Area that New Buyers Want to Know About

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Bank of Canada Announcement (September 2022)

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update – September 2022

Penticton Mortgage Rates Update - September 2022

After a quiet August, the Bank of Canada has started ‘back to school’ season with a highly anticipated press release regarding the prime rate. They made the announcement on Wednesday September 7, leaving potential home buyers with plenty to ponder. Are you among those who are considering getting a mortgage for what’s left of 2022? Will the latest update from the Bank of Canada impact your decision? Here’s what you need to know.

What Buyers Really Need to Know About the September 2022 Bank of Canada Policy Rate Hike

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Can I Afford a Mortgage?

Can I Afford a Mortgage When Putting My Kid Through School?

Can I Afford a Mortgage

You’re a proud parent whose child is about to embark upon a post-secondary education. This could be happening this semester, or in a few short years from now. Whatever the case may be, you plan on paying for their college/university education so that they can get a head start on life without student loan debt. However, you also have another life-changing decision on the mind now that your career is headed in a favorable trajectory. You want to buy a home. Can you manage both, given the rising cost of tuition in Canada? When you connect to the right mortgage broker it’s absolutely feasible. Let’s review!

How a Mortgage Broker Will Help You Buy Your Very First Home While You’re Paying Your Child’s College/University Education

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Mortgage for University Students

Mortgage for University Students

Mortgage for University Student

Between Okanagan College campuses (Vernon, Kelowna and Penticton), the UBC Kelowna campus, and number of other post-secondary programs in our neck the BC Southern Interior, the Okanagan Valley is known as a “college town” as much as it is a “resort community”. Not only are there tremendous Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD opportunities in the region, students choose to receive their education here because they plan to stay after getting their degree. Knowing this, savvy students want to get a head-start on post-education life by getting a mortgage while in school. Is a mortgage for a university student a good idea? Should college students add that to their plate on top of a full course load? It can absolutely be a great way to get ahead in life! However, like with anything, careful considerations must be made before getting pre-approved. Enroll in our Mortgage for University Student 101 class by reading below.

What College and University Students Need to Know Before Buying a Home While in School

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Mortgage for Business Owners

Mortgage for Business Owners

Penticton is the focal point of British Columbia’s South Okanagan-Similkameen, with more than 3,000 local business owners and counting. That number grows exponentially when you factor in surrounding townships and cities. This is indeed an ideal place to set up shop, be it brick and mortar, digital, or some hybrid of the two. But is it also a match for your home ownership prospects? With the right mortgage (and broker) it can be. Before you begin your search, here’s what you need to know.

3 Things to Consider as a Business Owner Seeking a Home Loan in the BC Southern Interior

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