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Arizona Mortgage for BC Buyers

Arizona Calling Snowbirds from BC

Arizona Mortgage for Second Home Buyers in BC

BC’s globe-trotting mortgage broker Rene Carloni has gone to two extremes. Last month he was in Iceland, and now he’s in Arizona (at press). That’s like taking an ice-bath and hopping into a hot tub. Of course, the latter is the most practical for most BC second-home buyers. While east coast Canadians tend to flock to Florida, west coast Snowbirds look to Arizona for their a vacation home investment. Is Arizona all that it’s cracked up to be when it comes to real estate opportunities for BC residents? Let’s find out what Rene has uncovered on his investigation into the real estate market of the Grand Canyon state.

What BC Second-Home Buyers Want to Know About an Arizona Real Estate Investment

Scottsdale for Resort Community Seekers

Phoenix comes to mind first for most Snowbirds, but if you prefer a resort community vibe then Rene suggests that Scottsdale may be the preferred option. This aligns with what BC Okanagan Valley residents are looking for. In fact, Scottsdale is similar in aesthetic to the likes of Oliver, Penticton, and West Kelowna. In the summertime many aspects are indistinguishable, with golf courses, wineries, rural biking and hiking paths along with clean lakes to enjoy under clear skies. The biggest difference, is that all of this can be enjoyed through all four seasons in Scottsdale. Real Estate prices are on the luxury side, with Redfin’s current report stating that the average price for a detached property hovers around the $850K mark. Not too bad for a home in a resort community with fewer than 250,000 residents in Arizona. Call Rene at 250.493.9111 for a casual chat about getting pre-approved on a Scottsdale Arizona mortgage as a BC buyer.

Phoenix for Bargain Hunters

Arizona Mortgage for Second Home Buyers in BC

The average price of real estate in Phoenix at this juncture in 2024, is about half of that of Scottsdale. Redfin reports that the median sale price of a home in Phoenix is currently $453K. This is music to the ears of Okanagan Valley residents who used to enjoy prices that reasonable. Further, Phoenix still offers access to the forms of recreation that Snowbirds admire Arizona for, but is more densified (estimated 1.7 million residents) with a bigger city feel which many investors find attractive. Call Rene at 250.493.9111 for a friendly conversation about getting pre-approved on a Phoenix Arizona mortgage as a BC buyer.

Other Great Communities for Your Arizona Mortgage Opportunity

There are other great communities to consider for your Arizona mortgage. These include the following:

  • Tucson, Population: 546,574 (current average home price $333K)
  • Tempe, Population: 185,950 ($500K)
  • Mesa, Population: 512,498 ($469K)
  • Flagstaff, Population: 75,907 ($594K)
  • Chandler, Population: 280,711 ($545K)
  • Gilbert, Population: 275,346 ($583K)
  • Yuma, Population: 98,527 ($273K)

As you can see, there is something for every taste and budget. Reach out to Rene via the contacts provided below to discuss your goals and the Carloni team will find the right fit for YOU.

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